Thursday, July 3, 2008

Where is the Vista Run Command?

When I failed to find the Vista Run command, the fact that I was attempting this task on Friday the 13th, should have rung alarm bells. The root cause was Guy being a Luddite and trying do something the old way.

What I should have done was simply use Vista's new Start Search dialog box, in the same way I used the old 'Run' command in XP. All that you need is to type the name of the executable, e.g. cmd, in the Start Search dialog box. See screenshots opposite.

As you configure Vista so you will come to love the way that the new Start Search subtly combines the best of the old XP 'Run box', with the improved Vista Quick Search. What I particularly liked was the way the interface displayed all the matching programs as I typed just the first few letters.

You will also find Quick Search (a sister of Start Search), in the new Windows Explorer. A case of learn a tool in one area and then apply that knowledge to another interface.

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